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The legal community in the state of California is well recognized for having one of the most comprehensive Lemon Laws in the United States, which helps ensure the protection of consumers who lease or purchase boats and other watercraft. Most owners of these different vessels don’t know that California’s Lemon Law protects them. They think that such laws only apply to motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Basically, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of 1970, which is more commonly known as the Lemon Law, applies to all waterborne vessels, regardless of whether they have an engine or not. Consequently, the same type of protection applies to jet skis, multi-million-dollar yachts, and sailboats. As long as boats and other watercraft are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, they’re protected by California’s Lemon Law.

Every Boat and Watercraft Lemon attorney in Los Banos, with the Braff Law Firm, has a universal goal of helping clients obtain the compensation and justice they deserve, after leasing or purchasing a defective vessel. If you’ve recently acquired a boat or other watercraft that has spent more time getting repaired than it has on the water, we are here to ensure that your rights under California’s Lemon Law are protected. Our lawyers will evaluate the requirements and eligibility before we represent the case.

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What Types of Watercraft are Protected by California’s Lemon Law?

Any type of boat or watercraft that is leased or sold with a manufacturer’s warranty is protected by California’s Lemon Law. Furthermore, it applies to boats that don’t have an engine or a motor. If the following vessels have been leased or sold with a warranty, they’re covered under California Law:

Under California’s Lemon Law, any defect, or series of defects, that compromise the safety, use, or value, of any boat or watercraft is considered a lemon (see below). Our lawyers work with clients that have recently bought defective watercrafts and are frustrated with their investments. Right from collecting evidence to filing a claim with the watercraft-manufacturers, we’ll do it all. Whether the case is settled through negotiations or brought to trial, we will litigate against the manufacturer to get you a refund or replacement. With considerable experience in handling cases pertaining to lemon laws, we have helped innumerable clients get successful results.

Proper watercrafts come with all safety precautions in place for the owners and you don’t have to compromise with your vessel being a lemon.

When is a Boat or Other Watercraft Considered a Lemon?

If you’ve recently leased or purchased a boat or other watercraft and have determined that the vessel is defective, California’s Lemon Law requires the manufacturer refund your purchase. Including repair costs or replacement of the vessel. However, you’re required to prove that your boat or watercraft is indeed a lemon and is covered under California’s Lemon Law. In order to prove this, you and your Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Los Banos, with the Braff Law Firm must show that:

If the manufacturer has denied your claim, you should contact the Braff Law Firm as soon as possible. Schedule a FREE consultation with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon attorney, in Los Banos, as soon as possible.

Is There a Statute of Limitations for California Lemon Law Claims?

To answer the question, YES, there is a Statute of Limitations when it comes to filing a Lemon Law claim in the state of California. You have four years from the date you discovered, or should have known, that your boat or watercraft was a lemon, to file a Lemon Law claim. This doesn’t mean that you can’t file a claim if you’ve had your boat or watercraft more than four years. Our attorneys have litigated boat and watercraft Lemon Law claims for vessels that are considerably older than four years.

If you’ve leased or purchased a defective boat or watercraft, you’ll want to start the Lemon Law claims process ASAP. Once the statute of Limitations runs out, the judge is likely to dismiss your case. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Los Banos, with the Braff Law Firm, if you have any questions regarding the Statute of Limitations. Just be sure to bring receipts, repair invoices, and work orders when you come in for a FREE consultation. Our astute lawyers are understanding, and pay attention to every detail, so that they can help you maximize your claim from the boat manufacturer.

Although there are numerous Lemon Law attorneys practicing throughout California, there are several reasons to consider our firm. We have years or experience and expertise when it comes to handling Boat and Watercraft Lemon Law cases. With a proven success, and deep understanding of the laws in California, you can be sure of getting positive results when you work with us.

Plus, the initial consultation is FREE and will enable us to determine if you have a valid claim. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon attorney in Los Banos, call the Braff Law Firm today.

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