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Many individuals are unaware of the fact that California’s Lemon Law applies to boats and watercraft as well as motor vehicles and motorcycles. In 1970, the California General Assembly passed the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act to protect those consumers who unknowingly purchased a defective boat or watercraft. Sadly, these individuals buy boats and watercraft in good faith, only to discover after signing the sales contract that they are defective. Then there isn’t much that can be done on your own, but we will help you. That is because we have handled, and have proven success in helping our clients, get the refund/replacement and damages they are entitled to.

California’s Lemon Law is one of the most extensive laws of its kind in the United States. The Boat and Watercraft Lemon Law is a consumer-friendly law that was established to provide legal recourse to anyone who gets stuck with a lemon. Basically, this means that consumers don’t have to tolerate owning a defective boat or watercraft. If you’ve recently leased or purchased a defective product, a boats and watercraft Lemon Attorney in Antioch with the Braff Law Firm can help.

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What Types of Boats and Watercraft Does California’s Lemon Law Cover?

From a general standpoint, any boat or watercraft that was sold with a manufacturer’s warranty is protected under California’s Lemon Law. This includes boats without motors as well. Most people are not aware that boats and watercrafts are covered under this law. The following boats and watercraft could be covered by the Lemon Law as long as they’ve been sold with a warranty:

If you don’t see your watercraft on this list, call our legal firm to determine whether it’s covered. Our astute team of skilled and experienced attorneys are considerate and compassionate. They understand that you need justice and will go that extra mile to ensure that the manufacturer compensates you fairly.

The Dangers of Owning and Operating a Lemon Boat or Watercraft

Many defects found on boats and watercraft can quickly become a dangerous or even life-threatening safety hazard. For example, having your communication system or navigation system go out, or having engine failure could leave you lost, stranded, and unable to get weather updates. It goes without saying that such defects can be very dangerous considering you’re out on the open water where conditions can change in a matter of minutes. Your safety is at stake and that cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, a defective boat or watercraft can impair your overall ability to enjoy using it. When you purchased your vessel, whether new of previously owned, you did so with the promise and understanding that you would be able to use it for a specific reason. Any defect that impairs your ability to use your boat or watercraft as intended under the warranty can define it as a lemon.

Finally, if a boats or watercraft’s defect(s) adversely affects its monetary value, so that it cannot be sold to recoup one’s losses, it may be defined as a lemon, according to California Lemon Law. In these types of situations, you should consider contacting the Braff Law Firm and speaking with an experienced boats and watercraft lemon lawyer in Antioch. You could be entitled to a cash settlement, a refund on your purchase, or a replacement boat or watercraft. We will ensure that the manufacturer does not lowball you or deny your claim to a refund/replacement. We start with a negotiation for a settlement, but if that is not accepted, we will litigate in the court and ensure that you are compensated fairly.

The Burden of Proof

If you recently leased or purchased a defective boat or other watercraft, California’s Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to either reimburse you for the cost of the vessel and any repairs you’ve incurred, or replace it. However, you must prove that your boat or watercraft is covered under the Lemon Laws to win your case, and that it is a lemon. In order to do this, you must prove the following points:

If the manufacturer denies your Lemon Law claim, contact the Braff Law Firm and set up a FREE consultation with an experienced boats and watercraft lemon attorney in Antioch as soon as possible. We will explain your rights under California’s Lemon Law and discuss the possibility of initiating legal action.

Why Should You Hire the Braff Law Firm?

While we understand that our firm is not the only one in California that specializes in Lemon Laws, it’s the benefits we provide that separates us from other legal firms in the area. First and foremost, we are committed to upholding the rights of our clients. Second, you’ll benefit from our many years of acquired experience and expertise. Third, we won’t let the boat or watercraft manufacturer lawyers bully you into accepting a low-ball offer. Finally, we’ll alleviate your stress. We will help you navigate through the legal maze, as we are conversant with such cases.

To learn more, call the Braff Law Firm and schedule a FREE consultation with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Antioch today.

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