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Animal bites and dog bites are becoming more common these days. If you are a dog owner and your dog bites someone while you are out, what are you liable for? You are liable for the injuries that your dog causes during the attack. Sometimes, a law will state that if a dog bites the first time, there is no liability however if your dog has bit before and then bites again, you are then held liable for the injury. If you are the one that sustains the bite from a dog, you will want to make sure that you file a personal injury claim by contacting a reputable personal injury lawyer In Watsonville, San Leandro, Los Banos or Antioch.

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Many victims of dog bites don’t realize that they are able to seek compensation for the injuries. If you have received a dog bite injury, there are three things that you need to do:

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Compensation in Dog Bite Case

Many people consider a dog bite a minor trauma however, when a dog bite occurs, it leaves the victim disfigured or even scarred for life. Each one could be very traumatic. Most of these dog bites are not reported because people don’t realize that they have a case. However, not all dog bite cases are so minor. There have been instances of fatalities when dogs mauled children or left them with scars so deep that it needed emergency surgeries.

In some cases, the dog owner and the insurance company they purchase their insurance through can be held liable and responsible for damages as well as other costs such as physical, emotional, and financial. You can get compensation for costs that include:

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If you may be partially at fault for the attack, you still may be able to file for compensation however it would just be granted at a decreased amount. If you would like to speak to one of our experienced lawyers to determine, if your case is something that they can pursue, then you will want to contact us today.

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