How To Get Paid For Value of Damaged Vehicle?

An insurer must help a policyholder to repair or replace an insured vehicle, once it has been damaged. The process used for offering that required coverage depends on the identity of the person that caused the accident, as per personal injury lawyer in Antioch.

What if the owner of the insured vehicle caused the damage?

In that case, the owner would need to make a 1st party claim against any collision coverage that had been included in the purchased insurance policy. That would be the best option, unless the incident had caused only minor damage.

Smart car owners try to come up with a way to cover any minor repairs. That is due to the fact that submission of a claim usually pushes the insurance company to increase the size of its annual premium. When there has been no claim, the company has no reason to charge a higher premium.

What if another party caused the damage?

In that case, the owner of the damaged vehicle must report the damaging incident to his or the other party’s insurance company. That same company would send someone to inspect the damaged vehicle.

Following that inspection, the adjuster would send a estimate for the cost of the needed repairs. The policyholder might agree with the estimate, and schedule a time for the repairs. Alternately, the policyholder might disagree with the estimate. In that case the owner of the damaged vehicle could take one of 2 actions.

–He or she might decide against arguing about the insurance company, and agree to cover any costs that exceeded the amount of the estimate.
–Alternately, he or she could decide to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. Any policyholders that chose to take that approach should think seriously about hiring a lawyer.

Suppose that the damage was so great that the vehicle was declared a total loss. Then how could the owner get paid for the vehicle’s value?

That question manages to highlight the importance of photographs, especially in those cases where vehicles have received expensive accessories. The owner should take a picture of each accessory, and show them to the insurer.

Determining total loss

In most cases, the insurance company will take possession of the totaled vehicle after it has been declared so. If you still decide to keep your car or vehicle and are ready to negotiate with the insurance company, but it will need to be towed to the body shop for repairs. And you’ll need to get that done. The insurance company might pay a part of the payment as per your policy terms and conditions considering that the salvage title has been designated as per your state laws. It is best to let your personal injury lawyer deal with the insurance company so that you get the best deal.

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