Legal Options For Whiplash Injuries Sustained In An Accident

A jarring of the body often triggers development of soft tissue injuries when you have been in an accident.

Such an injury does not always show up right away.

It could take several days for the first symptoms to appear. Other symptoms might not emerge using weeks or months after the injury-making collision.

A doctor’s observations should be documented.

• Was there bruising in the area where the body had contact with some part of the vehicle?
• Had the claimant reported experiencing pain?
• If painful sensations had been reported, then how frequently had they appeared, and how long did they last?
• Had the claimant experience decreased mobility in any joint that had come in contact with the vehicle?
• Had the claimant encountered limited mobility in any soft tissue that had come in contact with the vehicle that was involved in the collision?

What a personal injury lawyer should know about gaining compensation for a client with injured soft tissues.

If the case were to progress to the trial stage, then the personal injury lawyer might need to seek out a medical expert. A good expert should be able to explain the expected consequences for a given injury to a judge and jury. Yet the defense team might allege that the nature of the impact could not have been great enough to cause the reported soft tissue injuries.

What sort of evidence might work to support the allegations from the defense team?

The fact that the plaintiff pulled a cane from his or her car, right after the collision had taken place.

The fact that the plaintiff’s description of pain did not match with the areas in which the doctor had observed bruising.

The absence of a strong rebuttal from the expert, if the defense team has suggested that the plaintiff should have used some type of protective device (in addition to a seat belt).

What sort of evidence might manage to weaken the allegations from the defense team?

The position of the damage on either or both vehicles might provide reason for questioning the veracity of the defendant’s claims. An examination of insurance records happened to reveal times in the past when the same defendant had claimed damages, following a similar collision.

The personal injury lawyer spoke with professional drivers, concerning what actions each of them might have taken at the point in the roadway where the accident was supposed to have taken place.

The personal injury lawyer in Antioch spoke with those that had observed the accident, and had seen what sort of movements each party had made. The personal injury attorney sought out and found some video footage that showed the vehicle movements before the accident, and also at the time of the injury-causing collision.

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