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We are confident in our abilities, and therefor have a no win no fee guarantee! If we don’t win your lemon law claim, you don’t pay any legal fees.

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We have handled thousands of claims in a timely matter. We strive to provide high quality legal services in our client’s best interest.

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We have built an outstanding reputation in the community over the years. Our client testimonials, reviews, feedback, and referrals speak for itself!

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Our lemon law attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you get what you deserve for you lemon vehicle in a timely manner.

About us

When you lease or purchase a new or used vehicle from a reputed dealer, you expect it to function properly. You do not expect any internal or external defect and do not expect the vehicle to cause any problem. However, many consumers in California have unknowingly bought or leased a used or new car with defects which fails to function properly.

In this scenario, you can seek the help of experienced attorneys since there are laws to protect the consumers who had no knowledge of external or internal defects when purchasing or leasing a motor-vehicle. At the Braff Law Firm, we have successfully represented motor-vehicle owners with similar problem. We can help you if there are recurring Issues with a vehicle (car/motorcycle/SUV/truck/van) that you have recently leased or purchased.

A newly bought or leased vehicle, which fails to function properly despite multiple trips to the dealer that sold or leased the vehicle, is called a lemon. With experienced and successful lemon law lawyers in Antioch, the legal team has represented many disappointed consumers such as yours. We become your voice and your strength when resolving your lemon law dispute. With skilled and experienced lawyers, the Braff Law Firm ensures favorable results for clients.

The main objective of the legal teams hired by the auto manufacturing companies is to ensure company’s profit when trying to settle a claim or fighting a lawsuit at the court. Therefore, the defendant’s legal team will try to counter or deny consumers’ claims or try to settle a claim with as little money as possible using every useful strategy within the legal framework.

In this legal fight, you need a successful attorney with years of experience in ‘lemon’ law to represent your claim. You will find a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers by your side through the Braff Law Firm.

Antioch Lemon Law

The primary objective of California Lemon Law is to protect the consumers. Therefore, it is one of the strongest Lemon laws in the U.S. According to California Civ. Code, a consumer is protected when the defect of their vehicle cannot be repaired “after a ‘reasonable’ number of attempts”. The lemon law is applicable to new vehicles (which are still covered by manufacturer’s warranty), to leased vehicles and to used vehicles.

It is natural for a consumer to believe that a vehicle is in perfect condition when leasing or purchasing the vehicle (new or used). A consumer should not be bothered about the defects (internal and external) or performance of a vehicle at this time. At the Braff Law Firm, a team of lawyers practicing lemon law in Antioch has years of combined experience. Thus, the possibility of recovering compensation for your financial losses or for full replacement increases when you retain our service. The primary consultation is offered FREE. Thus, scheduling a consultation and having your case evaluated by experienced lawyers’ cost nothing.

Misconceptions about Lemon Laws

You may find lots of information on California Lemon Law and legal counsel. However, it is difficult to separate the facts from the false information if you do not practice law, or this branch of law. If you know about the 5 common misconceptions regarding Lemon law, then you can easily determine the veracity of facts.

Misconception #1- You cannot file another lemon law claim once the vehicle is repaired
Fact:- Your vehicle may have been successfully repaired at present. However, this does not prohibit you from filing another claim in the future if you notice the same problem or other defects.

Misconception #2 – California’s Lemon law covers the new vehicles
Fact:- California’s Lemon Law covers both new and used vehicles. However, an experienced attorney who practices Lemon law must evaluate your case to determine the validity of a claim.

Misconception #3 – Lemon law protects motor-vehicles, such as trucks, SUV, and cars.
Fact:- It’s true that these 3 types of vehicles are protected by Lemon Law. However, some parts of RV motorhomes, dealership vehicles, vans, demonstration vehicles and other types of vehicles are also protected by this law. It is important to consult with a lawyer due to this reason.

Misconception #4 – The Lemon law does not protect a vehicle with an expired warranty
Fact:- There may be an issue if the defect of a vehicle is not repaired until the expiration of a warranty. According to the Lemon law, you can still seek relief if the vehicle was under warranty when the malfunctioning started. However, it is prudent to consult with a lawyer at Braff Law Firm.

Misconception #5 – There is no need to hire an attorney to handle a Lemon law claim.
Fact:- The details and technicalities of California’s Lemon Law are more than likely to seem complex to someone who does not practice law or this branch of law. Therefore, it is prudent to consult with a Lemon law attorney at the Braff Law Firm.

Determining the Eligibility for a Lemon Law Claim:

You will be eligible to file a Lemon law claim if you have recently purchased or leased a vehicle which is malfunctioning before the expiration of the warranty and despite being repaired multiple times by the car dealer. However, it is prudent to consult with a Lemon law attorney at the Braff Law Firm. We can determine the veracity of a claim after discussing the circumstances related to your case. We will let you know if it is beneficial to proceed with the legal action. To determine the eligibility for a Lemon law claim, you must consider whether –

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Ryan FalknerRyan Falkner
01:42 17 Feb 23
My experience with Braff Law was a great one. I was involved with a car accident and they were my first go-to when it came to seeking legal advice. They were responsive, helpful and straightforward through the whole process. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an injury lawyer for their personal injury claim.
Deanna HendersonDeanna Henderson
04:26 16 Feb 23
Braff Law turned a difficult situation into a seamless, stress-free process. The firm is very dedicated to their clients and always provided me with timely, detailed and comprehensive explanations for all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend this firm for any of your personal injury related matters.
Katherine FisherKatherine Fisher
04:17 14 Feb 23
Braff Law Firm is the place to go. The staff is amazing, welcoming and great with following up. I want to express my satisfaction with the entire team. They were awesome and thorough with the whole process. I would recommend them to everyone, you definitely will feel satisfied.
Steven HewettSteven Hewett
04:41 11 Feb 23
Braff Law Firm is a very knowledgeable, professional, reliable and trustworthy firm. They were always prompt at responding to my phone calls and emails. They went above and beyond and did everything they could to ensure we got justice. I would recommend this firm without a doubt!
Steven HarperSteven Harper
04:52 10 Feb 23
The Braff Law team of legal assistants and paralegals were amazing throughout the process. They kept me informed, were extremely friendly and very responsive to all my questions. They truly excelled in every way. They made the entire process so much more manageable by letting me focus on recovery while they take care of everything else.

Consult with the team of experts in Lemon law at the Braff Law Firm if you feel like you are eligible for a claim. We will evaluate your case during the legal consultation. We have helped many consumers get favorable result (refund or replacement of the defective car). Call the Braff Law Firm today at  for more information or to book a free consultation.

We are one of the leading legal firms in our area, we are able to offer our clients top notch representation for injuries they sustained during an accident.

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