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In California, a total of 896,007 personal vehicles were sold in 2018. However, not all those vehicles were free of problems. Some of those vehicles had nonconformities or defects that made them unsafe for use. This type of nonconforming vehicles is known as a lemon, according to the California’s Lemon Law under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. In some scenarios, the used vehicles also qualify as lemons in Los Banos.

If you are stuck with a lemon, then come to our office for an initial consultation with experienced Los Banos lemon lawyers. We have represented many consumers over the years against the auto-manufacturing companies for lemon law claims. We can find out if your vehicle qualifies as lemon and find the best solution to this problem using our legal expertise.

Lemon or not? Learn from Experts

Are you unsure of the status of your vehicle or consumer good (boat or trailer)? We can find out if a defective vehicle qualifies as the lemon, according to the California Lemon law. Our experienced lawyers at Braff Law in Los Banos know how to prove that a vehicle is lemon based upon the following features.

According to California Lemon Law, a vehicle is qualified as lemon if it has undergone at least four repair attempts for the same defect. However, an experienced lemon lawyer can be the best judge of the situation after evaluation. To make an informed decision, contact our experienced lemon lawyers today at Braff Law and book an initial consultation. We do not charge our clients for out-of-pocket expenses or any fee.

It is important to know that a new or used vehicle may qualify as a lemon even if it has higher mileage. There are a few factors that may weigh in the favor of consumers. For example,

California Lemon Law Attorney

The Tanner Consumer Protection Act is an enhancement to the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. According to it, a vehicle qualifies as a lemon in the following scenarios:

For a vehicle to be considered lemon under the California law, it is not always necessary to meet the presumption.

Thus, there is no fixed rule to determine if a vehicle qualifies as a lemon. There are multiple factors at play. You can visit our law firm to consult with a team of successful lemon lawyers. After filling out our Contact Form, you can meet with the lawyers to learn if your vehicle is a lemon. There is no need to worry about the retainer fee or out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, you can call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our expert Lemon Law attorneys.

Lemon Vehicles Need Not be New

Do you think that your vehicle does not qualify for the benefits of lemon law because it has been used? Don’t make a final decision before meeting with us. You might have missed out on something that we can use in your favor. That is why our legal expertise will assist you in getting the defective vehicle replaced or get a refund on the cost of the vehicle you bought.

We have represented many disgruntled and frustrated consumers over the years. Some of them did not think that their vehicle would qualify for replacement or repurchase.

A vehicle is transferrable to the next owner if there is a remaining term on the warranty. To be eligible for benefits of lemon law, it is not necessary to purchase a car at an authorized dealer. However, many consumers are unaware of these conditions of lemon law.

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I was having a tough time with my car and didn't know what to do. I was completely lost until I found Braff Law. They helped me through the lemon law process and it was so easy! Thank you for all of your help!

Susan Carter

I was stuck in a lease and had no idea what to do. After a quick online search I found out about the lemon law. I called up Braff and they were able to help me with everything. They always got back to me quickly and never hesitated to answer my questions.

Demi Armstrong

I have used Braff Legal Group before to help me with a lemon law issue and they were very helpful. I called them up and they were able to answer all my questions on the phone. The process of working with them was very straightforward, which was perfect for me because I am not good with filling out legal documents.

Edlyn Grace

Are you wondering about who is responsible for your lemon? According to the California Lemon Laws, a manufacturer can offer an option for replacement or repurchase, and the dealership cannot help with the claim. Why waste your time by calling the “customer satisfaction” helplines or fighting with the local dealership? With our legal assistance and guidance, thousands of disgruntled consumers have got favorable result in California.

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