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You may not always need a number for a personal injury lawyer on speed dial but when you need them, you want to make sure you know just who to call. If you have been in a mishap that was caused by another individual acting in a careless manner, then a personal injury lawyer at Braff Law in Los Banos can help you.

Legally Representation Of Accident Victims

There are many different types of lawyers so which one should you call and for what? When you have suffered an injury from one of the accidents below, you will want to contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Banos to represent you:

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Each case is different, and the results can include a dollar amount that includes medical expenses, rehabilitation, loss of income, loss of family/partner/spouse, attendant care in the home, and more. We know that it is difficult when you are suffering with pain and injuries, mounting hospital bills and the loss of wages can compound the issues. That is where we step in. We will ensure that we bear the responsibility of helping you claim damages that you are entitled to.

No win, No fee

In Los Banos, Braff Law  works on contingency basis to ensure that everyone who is looking to get legal assistance after an accident, does not shy away due to high legal fees. With contingency fee payment, you only pay us after we help you win a fair amount as compensation. Our lawyer will charge a small pre-decided percentage of the damages you were awarded. Our lawyers are not only experienced but are well-versed on all aspects of negotiations and litigation ensuring that you get the justice that you deserve.

However, before taking on a case, we will evaluate the merits of the claim. Based on that we’ll give you a ballpark figure that you can win as damages. We’ll calculate and factor in everything and give you an estimate that you stand to be awarded. Although insurance company and the defendant try to reduce the amount that you can gain, we will shoulder the responsibility to help you get awarded maximum damages.

Determination of Liability

Personal injury claims can sometimes be very difficult and complex to figure out. The injuries can vary dramatically. Your lawyer can advise you on the amount you could be asking for based on many factors of your case. Once your case has been determined to be caused by negligence, our lawyer will know how much you can expect from your lawsuit.

There are some basic rules that lawyers use to help determine the amount you should expect. It is important that these rules are used to provide legal liability. Once you are able to provide proof of who caused the injury and what happened, our lawyer can represent you and finish up with the facts necessary to determine what exactly happened. Here are a few things to know:


If a company caused the accident to happen

That resulted in your injuries, then that company can be held liable legally. When a product causes an injury when used, the manufacturer of that product as well as the retailer can be held liable. Anyone that is part of the chain of distributaries can be held liable.

If the individual is injured while on someone’s property, and the property is poorly maintained, the property owner is held responsible for being careless. This is true even if they did not cause an accident to occur. When a victim has been deemed careless as well, this is termed as “Comparative negligence” and they could be held responsible for a percentage of the damages.

If the individual that received an injury was hurt where they should not have been, the defendant may not be responsible for liability for injuries. If you have received an injury, give us a call today and let’s find out who you need to talk to in order to receive your free consultation and meet with our lawyers. Let’s get started on your case today.

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