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For the average motorcyclist, not much can top the thrill and exhilaration of taking to the open road on two wheels, especially in Southern California where you can go out riding just about year-round. For avid riders, motorcycles are their prized possessions but what if you just bough one that turns out to be a lemon?

The Braff Law Firm understands how much individuals rely on their bikes every day to get them from point A to point B. Unfortunately, many have had to cope with motorcycles that weren’t so reliable and have caused an unwelcome disruption in their lives.

For many of these individuals who unknowingly purchased a lemon, they haven’t been able to experience the excitement they were looking forward to. If you purchased a new or previously owned motorcycle and have been dealing with one problem after another, a Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Antioch is here to help you resolve the issue. Based on the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, a.k.a. California’s Lemon Law, you could be entitled to a cash settlement, a refund on your purchase, or a replacement bike.

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Motorcycles and the California Lemon Law

California’s Lemon Law applies to motorcycles as well as motor vehicles that have problems and are still under warranty. However, there are some differences between the Motorcycle and Motor Vehicle Lemon Laws. Essentially, the law states that if a motorcycle fails to perform like it’s supposed to or doesn’t match a similar motorcycle’s quality, and it’s been taken in for multiple failed repair attempts, you may have purchased a lemon.

Consequently, the manufacturer is required by law to negotiate a cash settlement, give you a refund, or provide a replacement bike. Finding a Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in Antioch that specializes in this area of the law can be difficult, since many don’t have the Motorcycle Lemon Law experience and expertise that is required. But unlike so many Southern California lawyers who claim to be experts at litigating and settling Lemon Law cases, the Braff Law Firm is the real deal and has a history of triumphs.

How Can You Tell If Your Bike is a Lemon?

There are several issues or problems that could indicate you’ve purchased a defective motorcycle, such as: cutting out or stalling, electrical system malfunctions, lack of power, no cranking or starting, and oil leaks or sprays, just to name a few. One of the more common issues that every Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney, in Antioch, with the Braff Law Firm has dealt with in these cases is the number of days that the client’s motorcycle was in the repair shop, and out of service.

Most people are unaware about the chances of a motorcycle turning out to be lemon. It is only after a period of time that you start to realize that the constant breakdown is not a one-off chance, but a constant issue plaguing your motorcycle. And then you don’t know what to do.

Furthermore, days spent in the repair shop are considerably higher in Motorcycle Lemon Law cases. Furthermore, some form of loaner transportation is not provided to the owner, as it would be with other motor vehicles. Additionally, safety is the most common issue with defective motorcycles based on the nature of the product. These issues make Motorcycle Lemon Law claims stronger and easier for a Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer to litigate them in Antioch. The Braff Law Firm has handled such cases in the past and are conversant with the legal issues that may arise. That is why if you think you have been dished out a lemon, call us today.

Basically, a motorcycle is considered a lemon, if it continually breaks down shortly after purchasing it, despite numerous repair attempts. However, according to California’s Lemon Law, your motorcycle must meet the following four criteria before you can take legal action and file a claim:

In any event, if you suspect that your motorcycle is a lemon, call the Braff Law Firm and schedule a FREE consultation with a Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Antioch at your earliest convenience. Our lawyers will quickly evaluate the case and judge the merits. Based on that they will formulate a plan to take the case further.

What Should You Do First?

Most people tend to just begin using the motorcycle and take it to the workshop when needed. Before consulting with an attorney from our firm, the following are four things you need to do if you think you’ve purchased a defective motorcycle:

Most importantly, contact the Braff Law Firm and speak with a Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in Antioch regarding your situation. We understand your concerns as an owner and are here to alleviate your problems. The initial consultation is FREE of charge and will give us an opportunity to evaluate your case. For additional information about the Lemon Law or for legal assistance in filing a Lemon Law claim, call our firm today.

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