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At the Braff Law Firm, our Motorcycle Lemon Law attorneys, in San Leandro, takes these types of claims very seriously. In addition to our dedicated legal team, we have research and development staffers on hand who analyze every aspect of Lemon Law claims, so that even the slightest detail doesn’t get overlooked. If you think that you may have purchased a defective motorcycle, you should contact our firm immediately in order to determine if you are entitled to some type of compensation.

California is one of the best states in the US for owning and riding a motorcycle. This is especially true if you enjoy cruising around the Bay Area and beyond. Furthermore, lane-splitting isn’t prohibited in California. This enables motorcyclists to ride through traffic congestion and get to their destination faster than their vehicular counterparts. If you’ve had significant defects with your new or previously owned motorcycle you could be entitled to a refund or replacement, provided it’s still under warranty.

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California’s Motorcycle Lemon Law

In California, the Lemon Law doesn’t just apply to motor vehicles. It also applies to dirt bikes, motorcycles, and quads that have repeated problems during the manufacturer’s warranty period. A motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in San Leandro with the Braff Law Firm can explain how the Lemon Law for motorcycles differs from the law for other types of motor vehicles.

Essentially, it states that if a bike doesn’t match the quality of a similar bike or doesn’t perform as advertised, and multiple repair attempts have failed, it may be a lemon. And the manufacturer is required to refund your money or give you a replacement bike. Unfortunately, Lemon Laws are very complex and most lawyers who claim to be Lemon Law advocates are not that familiar with the ins and outs of the law.

What Factors Make a Motorcycle a Lemon?

There are several types of defects that could indicate your new or previously owned motorcycle might be a lemon, including cutting out or stalling out, lack of power, malfunctioning electrical system, no cranking or starting, or oil leaking and spraying. If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your motorcycle, make sure you document the number of occurrences and repair attempts that have been made.

Generally speaking, a motorcycle is a lemon if it continues to break down soon after purchasing it, despite the number of repair attempts that have been made. Don’t hesitate to call the Braff Law Firm and speak with a motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in San Leandro regarding your circumstances. However, keep in mind that there are four factors required before we can take legal action on your behalf:

Additionally, there are certain steps you should take if you suspect that your motorcycle is a lemon including:

You have certain rights under California’s Lemon Law as a motorcycle owner. You need to be aware of them and familiarize yourself with the Lemon Law as it pertains to dirt bikes, motorcycles, quads, and other types of motorbikes. At our law firm, we have represented many such cases and continue to help our clients get the justice and financial reprieve that they deserve. Irrespective of whether you leased the motorcycle or have recently bought it, the fact is that you are invested and aimed to use it safely. Now that there are constant breakdowns and it is not functioning properly, the manufacturer needs to be held accountable to ensure they offer you damages, refunds, or a replacement, so that you can enjoy riding again.

Four Reasons to Contact Our Firm

If you think you can settle a Lemon Law claim without the assistance of an experienced Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in San Leandro with the Braff Law Firm, you may want to think again. Although hiring a Lemon Law attorney isn’t mandatory, having one in your corner can help you maximize your claim. Here are four reasons to contact our firm:

We will pool all our resources to ensure that we present a strong case for you, whether negotiating or litigating against the manufacturer. For more information, call the Braff Law Firm today at today. Our experts are available to help you get the information you are seeking, and can schedule a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation, so that you can discuss the merits of your case.

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