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There are more choices in commuting to and from work, running errands home, and school. Public transportation is an option to anyone that lives close by. With more people choosing to use public transportation, the chances of a public transit accident occurring is increasing.

Buses, subways and trains are the most common public transit means. While riding public transit, if an accident happens, you will want to talk to one of Braff Law personal injury lawyers in Antioch, Watsonville, Los Banos or San Leandro to determine what rights you have and who would be responsible for compensation to pay for medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of income, and other expenses you have endured due to your injury. And that is where Braff Law  team of lawyers step in.

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Liability in Public Transit Accidents

While public transportation injuries occur, it is not very common. Injuries do happen to passengers are on public transportation. When an accident occurs, the most common accidents include passengers or pedestrians or to other passengers inside a vehicle. At Braff Law , we know that while the individuals maybe at fault, they will suffer pain from the injuries which can alter their entire life. There is a tort law to help protect the individuals who received injuries due to someone acting in a negligent manner. While it may sound simple, the accident is not always a simple accident; in many cases, it is very complex.

An example of the complexity is if you were injured and you file a claim against the bus driver, there is also a chance that you filed against the municipality because it is public transportation that was involved in the accident. With good representation, you can prove that the accident is due to negligence.

If an accident occurs while

You are riding on a private bus or a private transport company and you received an injury, you will then be able to hold the individual or the group liable for the mishap/accident, even if the public transit vehicle were contracted with the city.

However, at Braff Law , we’d like to put in a word of caution that filing a claim or putting the liability on the operator without the guidance of a lawyer can be detrimental to your claim process. That is why it helps to have one of our experienced lawyers representing you.

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To stand a better chance at winning your case, you must choose the best legal team to represent you. With our law firm, we believe that experience and knowledge help you more than you realize. If you have been through an accident, you need to concentrate on getting better and keep all your doctor appointments. Call us to discuss your case with a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers today.

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