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A newly purchased or leased vehicle (new/used) is expected to function properly. However, many consumers in California have experienced problems with their newly purchased or leased vehicle. The lemon law in Watsonville, California protects the legal rights of the consumers who have unknowingly purchased or leased a defective vehicle which fails to function properly despite multiple repairs.

The Lemon Law in California is the most consumer-friendly law in the country. Its main objective is to protect the consumers. The consumers who purchased or leased a defective vehicle or lemon are entitled to receive a refund, cash settlement or replacement vehicle from the manufacturer.

Know If Your Vehicle is a Lemon

Does your vehicle fail to function properly despite multiple repairs through an authorized dealer? Does it have the same problem despite being repaired for at least four times? Your vehicle qualifies as a lemon if your answer is ‘yes’ to either of these questions. In this scenario, you can assert your rights under the lemon laws of California with the assistance of an experienced Watsonville attorney.

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Resolving a Lemon Law Claim is Complicated

It is difficult for a consumer with no knowledge of lemon law or with no experience of practicing the law to secure a favorable result. Retaining the service of an experienced lemon law attorney in Watsonville is a prudent decision if you want a refund or the car to be replaced or repurchased. Follow these steps if you want a favorable result.
  • Schedule a free consultation with our team of experienced lemon law attorneys in Watsonville and learn about your legal options.
  • We will work with your vehicle’s manufacturer and try to resolve the claim as soon as possible.
  • You will recover sufficient compensation from the vehicle’s manufacturer for a lemon.
  • Overview of the Lemon Law in California

    Did you have to make multiple trips to the dealership for repair of a newly purchased or leased vehicle? This is unfortunate; however, California’s lemon law has been designed to help frustrated consumers like you. It can protect the consumers who have leased or bought a new/used vehicle (car/truck/motorcycle or any other type of motor-vehicle) from a dealership in California. Therefore, it is important to understand your legal rights under the lemon law.

    Who is Covered Under California’s Lemon Laws?

    It is important to understand that the lemon laws do not protect everyone with a newly purchased or leased vehicle. To qualify for the protection, a consumer must meet the following conditions.

    • A new or used vehicle must be purchased or leased from a dealership.
    • The vehicle must be covered by a dealer’s or manufacturer’s warranty.
    • The vehicle has a significant defect that impairs its value, safety and makes it difficult to operate.
    • The dealer has become unable to repair the defect despite multiple attempts at repair.

    You can file a lemon law claim under California’s Lemon Law if your vehicle meets these conditions. You may have a refund for the vehicle or have a replacement vehicle.

    If you choose the refund option, a manufacturer must refund the –

    • Purchase price
    • Sales tax
    • Down payments
    • Monthly payments
    • Other fees associated with the lease/purchase of a vehicle

    If you choose the replacement option, you will receive –

    • A new vehicle that is free from defects and like the vehicle that you currently own.
    • Compensation for the expenses resulting from owning a lemon, such as rental car expenses or towing expenses.

    What if your vehicle does not meet these conditions? Do not give up hope. You may be entitled to recover compensation for your vehicle’s issues even if they are not covered by California’s lemon law. Contact Braff Law for a free consultation and have your situation evaluated by experienced lawyers.

    What to Do If Your New Car is a Lemon?

    For a car to be covered by California’s lemon law, it must be covered by an existing and valid warranty. Therefore, it is essential to keep all the records of warranties for a new car.

    It is essential to have a vehicle evaluated or repaired at an authorized dealer in Watsonville. In this scenario, a manufacturer cannot argue that a consumer took the vehicle to a dealer that is not certified to repair its defect and this irresponsibility has caused additional defect or problems.

    It’s not unusual for the dealers to blame consumers for the defect or to make excuses to avoid responsibility. Therefore, consult with Braff Law, that has a team of skilled and successful lemon law attorneys, as soon as possible if you believe that your vehicle is a lemon.

    Are Used Cars Covered by California’s Lemon Law?

    Are you worried about your used vehicle not being covered by Lemon law? Don’t fret about it. In California, the lemon law is used to protect both new and used vehicles.

    However, it is only possible for an experienced lemon lawyer to determine if a used vehicle can be covered under the lemon law. For a used vehicle to be covered by the lemon law, it must be under the original warranty that came with a car when it was purchased. The warranty may be a new or extended warranty for a certified vehicle.

    How lemon Law Attorneys Help with Filing a Claim in Los Angeles?

    The steps and legalities to file a lemon law claim may seem complicated to people who do not know how to handle the legal proceedings and have no knowledge of the lemon law. Our lemon law attorney knows –

    • To file the right documents
    • Follow the right steps
    • Avoid making any mistake when filing a claim
    • How to work with the manufacturers and dealers
    • How to receive a refund or replacement from a manufacturer


    Thus, it is prudent to retain the service of our experienced lemon law attorney to file a claim. We have helped many clients over the years in reaching favorable result through lemon law claims. How can we help?

    • We will file a claim and gather evidence in support of your claim.
    • We work with your vehicle’s manufacturer and ensure timely processing of the claim.
    • Our goal is to resolve every lemon law claim with a satisfactory outcome as quickly as possible.

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