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Buying or leasing a boat or other large watercrafts is a big investment and if it shows malfunctions early on, doubts do creep up. Is the boat a lemon? Why is it not working properly? Well, the fact is that as with other motor vehicles including motorcycles, motorhomes, and RVs, boats, and other types of watercrafts, are protected under California’s Lemon Law. Furthermore, the law applies to all types of watercrafts, even those with no engines, such as sailboats. So, it’s vital to understand what the law applies to. If you’ve been sold a defective boat, recreational watercraft, or other type of vessel, and it was bought with a manufacturer’s warranty, it may qualify as a lemon according to California Law.

If you’ve recently bought a defective boat or watercraft, a Boats, and Watercraft Lemon attorney, in San Leandro, with the Braff Law Firm, will assist you with your claim. They can ensure that you are fairly compensated for your inconvenience. Any boat or watercraft that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is covered under the Lemon Law in California. Our legal team can evaluate your case and will explain your rights as well as the legal options available to you in the matter. As we have handled thousands of cases over the years, we understand the intricacies of the law, and will ensure that you get the best deal after negotiations. If that does not work, we will take the case to court to help you get justice. However, we never recommend trying to settle with the boat or watercraft manufacturer on your own. As you may buckle down to pressure tactics leaving you with the lemon and no chance of getting a redressal.

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What Types of Boats and Watercraft are Protected Under the Lemon Law?

Basically, any watercraft, motorized or not, that was sold with a manufacturer’s warranty is protected under California’s Lemon Law. For example, the watercraft listed below could be covered provided they are still under warranty:

Whether the defect involves faulty navigation, leaks, a motor that starts inconsistently, or poor flotation issues, and you’ve attempted to have these problems fixed or repaired, your vessel might qualify as a lemon.

For a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer, in San Leandro, with the Braff Law Firm, to file a successful claim on your behalf, you’ll have to have proof. You must prove that you made several reasonable attempts to repair the vessel at the dealership or a licensed repair facility. Be sure you keep all invoices or receipts, used parts, and work orders from every repair attempt. In California, the law doesn’t provide a hard and fast definition of the terms “reasonable attempts.” However, our attorneys can explain these guidelines in greater detail.

Is There a Statute of Limitations for Filing a Lemon Law Claim?

Yes, there is. In California, you have four years from the date you were aware (or should have been aware) that your vessel was a lemon in order to file a claim. This doesn’t always mean that you can’t file a Lemon Law claim if you’ve owned your watercraft for more than that a four-year period. In past cases, several claims in San Leandro have been filed by a Boats and Watercraft Lemon attorney with the Braff Law Firm, even though the Statute of Limitations had expired.

Does Your Watercraft Qualify as a Lemon?

If you recently leased or purchased a defective boat, or other type of watercraft, the Lemon Law in California requires the manufacturer to either refund the cost of the boat, and any repairs that were done to it, or to replace it. However, in order to file a Lemon Law claim and win your case, you must prove that it qualifies as a lemon and is covered by California’s Lemon Law. Consequently, you must prove that:

If the manufacturer denies your claim (and they often do), you should contact the Braff Law Firm and speak with our expert Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer, in San Leandro, as soon as possible. We can explain your legal options and the steps you should take in order to initiate legal action. Additionally, it helps to secure all receipts, documents related to the repairs, dealings with the manufacturer or the authorized dealership that can add strength to your case.

What Sets Our Firm Apart from Other Lemon Law Legal Firms?

We founded our legal practice on the principles of compassion, dedication, honesty, and integrity. Clients are faced with numerous challenges when dealing with dealerships and manufacturers. So, they shouldn’t have difficulties when working with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon attorney, in San Leandro, when it comes to filing a claim against these entities. Unfortunately, many lawyers do not have the experience we do with Lemon Law claims. Nor do they have their client’s best interests at heart.

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