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It’s important that if you have become a victim of the Lemon Law, you need to be properly represented by an attorney specializing in this type of law. In today’s world, there is an increase in the number of vehicles that are purchased with issues that can be very costly to repair, not to mention jeopardizing those who are in the vehicle too. The Lemon Law protects car owners in San Leandro from paying for a vehicle that doesn’t hold its value due to issues that could have been prevented or avoided.

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Why is Your Vehicle a Lemon?

Buying a vehicle is an expense today and finding what you want is always exciting. When you find out that your vehicle is less than good, you may qualify for the Lemon Law. To be considered for the replacement or refund, a vehicle, trailer, or boat must have a defect that will cost a lot to repair it for you to use it or drive it again. The current value and safety of the vehicle is also considered with this law. The defect can be very dangerous, if not fixed. You may have already had it repaired once or twice and on the third time, you can claim the Lemon Law. You will need to have it repaired for the same issue each time or similar issues that are caused by the same thing. When clients first contact a Lemon Law attorney in San Leandro, they may feel unsure about where they stand with this type of law. Our Braff Law attorney who specializes in the Lemon Law will have ample knowledge of the law and what type of vehicle fits within these standards. For a vehicle, boat, or trailer to fit into the Lemon Laws, there must be a defect that makes the vehicle unsafe to drive or operate. The manufacturer must be aware of this issue. An example of this type of defect would be that the vehicle dies while in operation or the transmission fails to shift gears like it should. You may have taken it to the mechanics one or two times, and you are still having issues. This type of defect can be very expensive to the car owner, and you can’t just keep taking it for repairs. It’s important to seek the advice of an attorney that specializes in this type of case and one that can guide you in filing for the Lemon Law. With the right representation, you can get the right deal out of the Lemon Law. A vehicle can qualify for the Lemon Law whether it is used or new. It can have high mileage or be low in miles. It may have a part that has been recalled. The vehicle may have an extended warranty, or it may not be warrantied any more.

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A vehicle will be considered a “lemon” if the following happens:
  • You purchase or lease a vehicle that is new or used and –
  • During the first eighteen months, or 18,000 miles, you have brought the vehicle to the dealer or a repair shop four or more times or two times or more for an issue that could cause death or injury to the driver or the passengers of the vehicle.
  • A vehicle doesn’t meet the criteria for the Lemon Law if it has higher mileage or if you have owned it for more than eighteen months. It’s hard to know for sure if your vehicle qualifies for the Lemon Law or not unless you speak to an attorney who has the knowledge. Don’t go by what others tell you and don’t go by what you read online. It’s best to speak to a professional first to decide if you qualify for the Lemon Law.

    Lemon Vehicles May Not Be New

    Remember, a vehicle doesn’t have to be a new vehicle to qualify for the Lemon Law. For example, imagine a used Audi that has around 46,000 miles. If there is a warranty still in effect, it can be transferable to the new owner. You will also be able to claim Lemon Law if the vehicle malfunctions more than four times. Dealing with a malfunctioning vehicle is tough and getting a replacement works for many people as they cannot afford to lose out on work or other errands.

    While there seems to be a lot of red tape when it comes to the Lemon Law, it’s not that complicated. Knowing the rules and regulations, knowing your warranty status and limitations, and knowing a good attorney who has represented others with this same issue is the best way to win.

    You don’t have to be stuck with a vehicle that you can’t drive or don’t trust. An attorney who specializes in the lemon law will have a lot of knowledge about how to find out the information needed to represent you in court and be able to navigate around everything to get you the best deal. At Braff Law, we understand the nuances of the laws and ensure that we negotiate with the auto manufacturer on your behalf. Most of the auto manufacturers have a large team of attorneys to ensure that the claims are delayed or denied. That is one of the reasons that Lemon law cases are complex and require an experienced lawyer to handle it for you.

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