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Injuries can change your life and the life of your families forever. One morning, everything is normal, and you are going about your day, by nighttime you are in the hospital unable to move. When a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury occurs, these types of injuries stop you in your track. Unable to move or function on your own, everyone now must take care of you.

At Braff Law in Watsonville, San Leandro, Antioch & Los Banos, we know that the injuries you received may range from mild to catastrophic and can completely reduce the quality of life you are used to. You may undergo intense medical treatment, lengthy hospital stays, the need for medical equipment around the clock, multiple extensive medications, rehabilitation that lasts for weeks. You may also now be looking at surgery and dealing with long term health issues that may or may not improve. When this happens, you need a law firm that works for you in order to help you.

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What causes traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries? These types of injuries can be the result of a slip and fall accident, motorcycle accident, or an automobile accident. Some examples of this can include:

A spinal cord injury occurred during a recreational sport injury. The result is excessive injuries to the ligaments or disc in the spine, damage to nerves around the spinal cord, and/or the vertebrae of the spine.

Traumatic brain injury can occur when the head hits the windshield upon impact of a vehicle, motorcycle, or ATV accident. The skull is normally cracked, fractured, or an object has penetrated the skull to cause this type of injury.

When such injuries occur, you need to have the right representation. Braff Law  has the experience in the field in order to represent you and increase your chances of winning your case. Whether you settle out of court or you go in front of a judge and jury to plead your case, your lawyer should represent you every step of the way.

Adverse Effects

A spinal cord injury has so many effects on your life. Whether you are enduring it for a short period of time or have a lifetime of being a quadriplegic, you will want to find a lawyer that will handle your case for you. Spinal cord injuries can be very debilitating, and you need to focus on your medical care now more than ever.

A traumatic brain injury can mean a huge adjustment to your life on a daily basis. You may endure hearing loss, vision loss, be in a coma, have seizures, and more. All cognitive skills can be affected after an accident that results in a brain injury.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident resulting in a brain injury or a spinal cord injury, call our office and schedule your free initial consultation to let our lawyers speak directly to you about your case. We will listen and give you honest feedback so you can trust us from the start. Call us NOW!

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