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Most consumers assume that when they lease or purchase a new truck, covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, that it will be a reliable vehicle for years to come. They also assume that should any problems arise under that warranty it will be quickly repaired to their satisfaction, so it can be used for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. So, if your truck is still having problems after multiple repair attempts, you may have unknowingly purchased a lemon.

Fortunately, California’s Lemon Law protects consumers under these circumstances. If you’ve recently leased or purchased a defective truck, you could be entitled to a cash settlement, a refund on your purchase, or a replacement truck from the manufacturer. Furthermore, as your legal representatives, a Braff Law Firm Lemon Trucks attorney, in Los Banos, will ensure that your rights are upheld during the claims process. They will hold the dealer or manufacturer accountable for the inconvenience they have caused you.

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You might be frustrated and unable to decide what to do next. That is where we step in. We can help you evaluate your case and if you are eligible under the Lemon Law regulations, we would be happy to represent your rights. It is extremely difficult and complex to prove so trying to do it all on your own can be difficult. We have had years of experience dealing with a myriad of vehicles that were a lemon, and have brought our clients successful results from their cases. From helping them get refunds and replacements, we ensured that they were represented by some of our best lawyers.

California’s Lemon Law – the Basics

Getting a new truck can have a lot of benefits. It can mean that you now have reliable transportation, a vehicle for getting things done, or a vehicle for recreation. It can even give you a sense of pride. But what happens should that truck develop continual repair problems? On a positive note, there are federal and state laws in place to protect you against a defective vehicle, as well as defective vehicle parts. California’s Lemon Law is one such law.

If you recently leased or purchased a new truck with a defect or defects, a Lemon Trucks lawyer in Los Banos with the Braff Law Firm will help you get a cash settlement, a refund on your purchase, or a replacement truck from the manufacturer. But, in order to qualify for a Lemon Law claim, the truck must be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and the defect must adversely impair the safety, use, or value of the truck. Additionally, you must afford the dealership a chance to repair the defect or problem.

What About Trucks That are Leased or Purchased for a Business? Are These Vehicles Covered as Well?

Trucks leased or purchased for family, household, or personal use are protected under California’s Lemon Law. However, many individuals acquire trucks for business use as well. So, it’s important to understand if these vehicles are covered as well. In order to be covered by the Lemon Law, any truck leased or purchased for a business must meet the following criteria:

Many larger trucks such as 18-wheelers, dump trucks, semi-trucks, and tanker trucks do not qualify for protection under California’s Lemon Law. In many cases, these trucks are leased or purchased by large corporations that have large truck fleets. However, if you recently leased or purchased one that is defective, and it meets the three criteria above, a Braff Law Firm Lemon Trucks attorney in Los Banos will help you with your claim. Initial consultations are always FREE.

How Can You Tell If Your Truck is Defective?

Although every Lemon Law claim is different, and while the court ultimately determines if your truck is or isn’t a lemon, there are specific guidelines that the courts use to decide if you have a valid case. Your truck might be a lemon if:

The best way to determine whether you’ve leased or purchased a defective truck is by consulting with a Lemon Trucks attorney in Los Banos with the Braff Law Firm. We’ll help you navigate the difficult path as all our lawyers are conversant in the nuances of Lemon Laws. We have had considerable success, and when the auto manufacturers know that we are representing the case, it is resolved. They know that we are accomplished lawyers with key skills that will be tested and still succeed.

Why Do Some Truck Lemon Law Claims Get Denied?

Keep in mind that truck manufacturers often deny Lemon Law claims. While there are several reasons why this happens, the following are the three most common:

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