What Options Do You Have To Fix Your Car After A Car Accident?

You’ll want to know how you can repair your car if it was ever damaged in a car accident. You will also want to know if you need to replace your car and who was financially responsible for your car accident. These will depend on a number of factors:

• How badly it was damaged in relation to its present worth
• Who was at fault?
• What insurance coverage is available

Repair Costs and Your Car’s Value

The defendant’s insurance company is legally obligated to only pay you up to the value of your vehicle if your car was damaged. If your car’s damages exceed its worth, the insurance company will declare it a total loss, give you the FMV in money, and repo your car.

Note that the car’s present value is probably substantially lower than what you paid for it when you bought it. Also, note that the insurance company will only pay for the car up to the defendant’s insurance policy limits.

Filing a Claim with the Defendant’s Insurance Company

Your personal injury lawyer in Los Banos can file a third-party claim if the defendant was responsible for damaging it. You can also use your own insurance if you have a collision rider. You would use this if the other party was either underinsured or uninsured.

You can use comprehensive coverage if your car was hit by a non-moving object during the accident. You can sue the defendant under his or her liability policy if he or she hit your car when it was parked.Note that if you damaged your own car, you would use your own collision coverage to pay for the repairs.

Having the Insurer Pay for Your Repair Costs

You’ll have to file a claim and report the car accident. You’ll then have to have the defendant’s insurance company inspect your car. You’ll get an estimate from the insurance company. It will be up to you to find a mechanic who can fix your car.

What if there is a Disagreement?

If you and the insurance company disagree on the numbers, you can either negotiate for a better settlement or you can sue the insurance company. If the claim goes to court it will take years to reach a settlement. That is one of the reasons that neither the plaintiff or the defendant wants to stretch the case for years and usually settle it out of court. That helps you as the plaintiff get the money for the necessities of life. Thus, it helps to have a personal injury lawyer that is experienced not just in litigation but at negotiations, to assist you in getting the compensation.

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